Pricing – 15Mbps

Up to 15Mbps - All prices include VAT

R899 Per Month
Contended Service
No Shaping
No Throttling
R1199 Per Month
Low Contention
No Shaping
No Throttling

Installation for packages Larger than 15Mbps General - Home User will be quoted for individually

Any requirement larger than 15Mbps will be quoted for individually

Standard Installation Cost

These charges are based on a cable run (length) of not more than 30m, a mount pole of not more than 3m and a maximum of 4m access to the point of mounting. The prices provided are indicative only as this quotation is issued prior to viewing the premises. Our standard installation charges are as listed below. Should access to the mounting point be difficult, longer cable runs required or routing via concrete, the technicians on site will advise and amend the quotation accordingly. Should the client require the antenna to be installed at a different point than selected, or require longer poles and stay wires, an additional charge of R150.00/ m of pole and R300.00 for stays will be applicable. In addition a charge of R10.00/m of additional cable over 30M will be payable. The configuration of PC’s and/or Networks is not included in this quotation. Should you require the technicians to configure PC’s or Software on that PC to use the internet this will be billed at our standard rate of R450.00 / hour.

Price Ex Vat Price Inclusive
R2400-00 once off R2760-00 once off



Prices are exclusive of VAT

Actual speed achieved is always subject to third party transmission constraints.

Financing of the installation costs and any additional equipment can be arranged if required.

Please ensure that the package that you have requested, meets your needs and requirements prior to installation. If you are uncertain about anything, we will be happy to discuss it with you, as client satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business.

We will connect an Ethernet port inside your premises to allow a single PC to attach to the internet. This can be connected to a router that you could provide or that we could provide a quotation for. Alternatively, if you require connection to multiple PC’s or a Local Area Network (LAN), you will be required to provide the Ethernet point. Our staff will assist you with a further quotation for this. Once this has been done we will test and configure the CPE to the Ethernet Port for connectivity and verify the connection speeds and data flow with you prior to completion. MyVoip is responsible for the data and connectivity up to this point.

The client is responsible for the safety and the security of the device installed and must ensure that it is adequately