“Contended and Un-contended”

“Contended and Un-contended”

I have been thinking of simple ways to explain certain “terms” in our business:

Starting with “Contended” and “Uncontended”

A simple way of explaining this is:

Attach a hosepipe to a tap and fill a bucket with water, it may take 1 minute – UNCONTENDED

Now attach a pipe with 4 extensions to the same tap at the same speed, put each extension into a different bucket of the same size, it will now take the buckets 4

times as long as the first one to fill. If you now block one or more of the extensions the flow to the remaining open extensions will increase – CONTENDED


“Capped”  and  “Uncapped”

If you go to a coffee shop and order a cup of coffee, that is what you get 1 Cup. If you want another cup you pay for it again  - CAPPED

Now if you ordered a bottomless coffee, at a slightly higher price, you may drink as much coffee as you like at no additional cost – UNCAPPED.

This is my understanding in laymans terms.


comment by Haroon Badat.

Thank you for the excellent explanation Haroon

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