Just a quick note to compliment you and your team on the professional service we have received.

We have been utilising MyVOIP’s Broadband and IP telephony services for the past 9 months and I must say it has proved to be extremely efficient and highly reliable. As a B2C and B2B platform it is absolutely imperative that we are always online.

MyVOIP’s synchronous upload and download speed has provided us with seamless, high speed, highly reliable and zero buffering connectivity.

I will most certainly recommend your service to everyone I know.

Kind Regards

Mariam Khan

Admin Manager


Mariam Khan, .

Once again, a titanic thank you for the excellent service MyVoip provides.  Its’ efficient, fast and reliable, so is your customer service.  Thanks as well for being reachable at critical times in the event of challenges with my computer which prevents me from connecting, no fault of MyVoip, but non the less you provide advise and try to get things sorted.


As I’m a host at EastwaveFM, Myvoip enhances my output at work, resulting in a more product show since I have 24/7 access to my emails and clips which I prepare for on air broadcast.  It has certainly opened a new world of streaming for pleasure as well.


You definitely get a thumbs up from me interms of being a great service provider.  Trust you grow and your footprint increases.


Much appreciated

Sanjay Bhimjee

Mr. Sanjay Bhimjee, DJ - EastwaveFM Community Radio