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MyVoip Communications: Internet, Voice and Connectivity Solutions in South Africa

Since 2005, MyVoip has been providing superior telephony integration solutions to a broad range of companies. Since 2013 we have been providing superior Internet connectivity to our clients.

Our current client base consists of Home users, small and large enterprises, including call centres and multi-branch operations. Growing strongly, the size of our client list is testimony to the value our services offer.

We are a licensed, Telecommunications Service Provider and thus operate independently.
We understand that businesses operate in an ever-changing environment. In order to cater for your specific business and communication requirements, we offer flexible and feature rich IP telephony and connectivity solutions. This includes IP-based communications, voice termination, wireless and fibre solutions.
Our goal is to offer solutions that literally plug into your home and business and that make communication really work for you. The objective is to reduce your costs while increasing reliability and uptime



Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide fast, cost effective and stable internet and connectivity solutions. Emphasis is placed on delivery of services to unserviced and underserviced communities and areas.
Our mission is also to deliver sustainable value to all of our stakeholders through the convergence of the best IT technologies, innovations, systems and people.
Constant improvement and refinement are core business principles and we continuously strive to increase efficiency, eliminate excess, and create opportunities.
We are innovators in the industry because our executives, stakeholders and employees know how to craft workable and sustainable solutions by thinking outside of the box. We encourage all stakeholders through inclusion and by ensuring that participation and recognition of value and merit is not based on their race, colour, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, culture, religious and political beliefs, physical challenges, or varying viewpoints and approaches.
We are a good corporate citizen and aim to continue to be a role model of how a corporate should conduct itself.



Our Vision

The vision is to be the number one Internet Solutions Provider in Africa. We believe that we are able to significantly impact the lives and communications needs of the continent.
In order to do this we must continue to remain at the forefront of technology, and we are therefore constantly focusing on innovation. It is our philosophy to own and control the primary offerings behind the solutions that we offer and where we can make a significant contribution.
We do not compromise on integrity and quality and we don’t settle for anything less than excellence
We are not afraid to admit when we’re wrong and we also then have the courage to adapt and change. People will continue to be the foundation on which we build.


  • 1Innovation
    Our company was founded with a vision for commercialising new technologies.
  • 2Technical leadership
    We have a strong and passionate technical team. They take pride in developing and delivering communications solutions that will help you prosper.
  • 3Results-focused
    We listen to what you want and gear our offerings towards solving these real business problems.



  • 4Practical Solutions
    A team of highly skilled software developers spares nothing to turn great ideas into practical solutions that add real value.
  • 5Excellent service
    Our 24/7 help desk ensures swift and efficient response to any queries or problems.
  • 6Comprehensive Infrastructure
    We own our own network and infrastructure and operate independently.
  • 7Absolute integrity
    We believe in straight dealing and doing what is right. We know that integrity is the foundation of sustained success.


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