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Speed Test

Dear Client, You can now do a speed test on the MyVoip website.
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Telkom ADSL fair usage policy warning

Telkom announced in a press statement on Monday, 18 August 2014 that its Internet Service Provider (ISP) will enforce its Fair Usage Policy (FUP) “in the spirit of enhancing the Internet experience of all its users.” The announcement follows reports from subscribers who said they received warnings from Telkom about “excessive concurrent internet sessions or…
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“Contended and Un-contended”

“Contended and Un-contended” I have been thinking of simple ways to explain certain “terms” in our business: Starting with “Contended” and “Uncontended” A simple way of explaining this is: Attach a hosepipe to a tap and fill a bucket with water, it may take 1 minute – UNCONTENDED Now attach a pipe with 4 extensions…
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Expert Users

  • expert1
  • expert2
  • expert3
  • expert4

Lets just call them "Expert Users"

expert1 expert2 expert3 expert4


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About Faith

About Faith

New Fibre Network

Massive Joburg-East London-Cape Town fibre network will turn on within three weeks BT is in the final stages of testing South Africa’s largest ever terrestrial fibre network ring, and is planning to turn it on properly within the next two to three weeks. The network, which has been built by local firm FibreCo, was started in…
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